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The day of April 26th, 1986 all Soviet citizens remembered as a day of terrible catastrophe for humanity. That’s when the explosion in the reactor of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant happened, which not only caused enormous damage to the environment for numerous years, but also claimed thousands of lives and destroyed the life of millions of people. Today on 26th of April, the tribute is paid to the memory of all those who have worked in the Chernobyl zone immediately after the explosion, and prevented the terrible consequences of the disaster.

Chernobyl today – is not only a monument to the poor track record of humanity, it is also a terrible memorable part of our history that will long be remembered around the world.

This is just the way humans are, that the danger always attracts us. We are always interested to visit and see the places that are dangerous to others. This applies to Chernobyl. Today, after a quarter of a century, the background radiation of the dead zone began to slowly recover, and no longer presents a great danger to daily tours in a dead city. Some people are slowly making their way back to the homes they left in the distant 1986, to see how uncontrolled nuclear power has changed their usual living conditions.

Our travel company will unveil the secrets of the dead city by visiting its main “attractions.” This extraordinary adventure will allow you to change the familiar view of life, will make your re-think your principles and beliefs, as well as provide an opportunity for some time to touch the history of the nuclear power of humanity.

During the tour you will see:

  • Chernobyl zone radius of 10 km;
  • The “Sarcophagus” – shelter erected over the reactor that blew up;
  • The dead city of Pripyat with a visit to one of the tallest buildings – hotels “Polesie”, schools, kindergartens, swimming pools and homes, with original inscriptions on buildings and porches of an empty city from that time: “clean”, “caution – area infected.”

In case you want to order a personalized tour, we work together to draw up a personal plan excursions, which will meet all your needs. Tour to Pripyat will last for almost the whole day. Most of the group goes from Kiev early in the morning and returns at about six in the evening. During this extended tour, you will have a considerable amount of time to visit all the unique attractions of the area: stroll through the ghost town, walk to the viewing platform sarcophagus and much more.

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Other Conditions

The level of radiation that you get while in the Chernobyl zone is equal to the level that you would get during the flight on a jet plane. Most importantly, this level of radiation is far below the typical medical x-ray. Doctors also prohibit visiting tour to Pripyat to children under 18, in order to avoid the negative effects of the radiation on the young body. Consequently, persons under 18 years of age cannot be admitted to the tour of Chernobyl. Please have your passport or any other proof of identity ready when booking this tour. You can cancel your at any time; however, you might be liable for the advance payment made to the trip organizers.


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